3 Games that will change gaming standards…

7 10 2006

I JUST LOVE “CRYSIS” by Crytek, the upcoming ground-breaking FPS game on PC. I can’t boast about it in a few lines. I will write more later. 1 line for now, “It will be the first game that uses DirectX 10, which is not released yet”.

Another too good shooter is GOW, Gears of War by Cliffy B.’s team in Epic Games. That one is on Xbox 360. But its the best game yet, visually. May be for its gameplay too. I just wish I had one Xbox 360. Its getting out soon.

Another very good upcoming one is Assassin’s Creed, by UBIsoft Montreal. It will lunch on
PC too, along with PS3 and Xbox 360. Hurray!!

These three game will set the standard for the buzz word “Next Gen Games”.