Cricket + rain = :(

21 05 2007

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9.40am Sidharth says it’s like sunny Alabama at the moment at Chittagong. I’ve never been to Alabama and I’m not sure he has either. But as long as the rain stays away and we’re able to get play for best part of the last two days, there just might be a jot of interest left in this game.

I’d expect India to declare overnight and put Bangladesh in first thing in the morning. Sherlock Sidharth, however, says that the Indians haven’t put on their kits, indicating perhaps that there’s no declaration yet. No official word yet though.

Lets see what happens to this test. Don’t forget, Chittagong is my city.


Whatmore on Bangladesh cricket team

15 05 2007

Dav Whatmore shares his thoughts, after his last ODI series with us. Last Test Series will start 3 days later. Cricinfo – ‘The software needs improvement’

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