About Me

One-liners about myself:
My name is Saifullah Mahmud Sumon.
I am 25 (precisely: today minus July 2nd, 1982).
I am male.
I am Bangladeshi.
I am a Programmer.
I telecommute to an US company these days from my home in Chittagong, Bangladesh.
I have a BSc. in Computer Engineering.
I am planning to do my MS in some advanced software related course form September 2007 in UK.
I am Just Another Perl Hacker (JAPH).
I work mostly with web crawlers, content aggregation and text analysis these days.
I also program web/AJAX applications.
I love regular expressions.

Little more:
I am skilled in Perl, Java, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, C and using Google (and Ruby on Rails these days). I know more than a few programming languages/frameworks. I don’t believe in knowing and not knowing though. I believe in using the right tool for the right job. I start learning when anything interests me either professionally or personally. I learned Perl in 3 days when I needed it. But now I am in love with it.

This blog revolves around my life. Right now my life revolves around a portable computing machine with a fairly good internet connection… I read a lot. So the blog has lot of references of what I have been reading. I hope the blogosphere doesn’t mind if I link/quote my favorite ones, interesting ones here… I code a lot. So programming has a big share in this blog… I am a computer/technology freak. So anything related to computer and technology is of interest to me…

I am many things more. Lets say those sides will be reflected on my writings… You are going to watch me on the mirror I am going to create here. Don’t believe everything, and don’t think that I want you to do that either…

This page is yet to be completed. I will add more details later…


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25 06 2007


nice to see some photos of ctg. My lovely home town… jst reminds me those days.

Anyway, my name is immy. running a freelance web design/development website in UK. One of the main objective is to get some offshoring done frm bd. Got a job on web based catalogue in PHP and MySQL. Jst wondering whether you will be interested or know some one would be interested in the similar freelance work.

I am visiting BD very soon. Jst thought should start networking frm nw on.

plz drop me an e-mail if it interests you.


-Imtiaz (immy)

13 07 2007

Hi Sumon: I am also from ctg. Glad to know that you like pearl. Have done anything regarding your higher study? If you are still around then drop a line so that we could meet. Why did you use the picture of Peninsula in your blog?

13 07 2007

Hi Immy and Hi Lunik,

Thanks for your interest in my profile. Its good to know that you are from Chittagong too. I am at this moment tied up with my current job and preparations for my potential masters study in UK. I apologize that a meeting or business discussion is not possible in at least next two months.

I have been planning to do my masters in London for last few years. But it keeps postponing. I got offers from QMUL and City University for September session. But some other factors in my life has to be managed before I can export myself. I am hoping for the best. And running like a dog to manage everything. Hope to meet you guys some time in the future.

PS: The picture of Peninsula is a token of at least one good memory I share with one of my special friends. That post had some funny chatters from both of us just below the photo. But later I thought it is too stupid to keep those in the public. Lets just look at that and remember that we love our Chittagong city.

13 07 2007

“Pearl” is wrong.
“PERL” is also wrong.
The language is “Perl”.
“perl” is the interpreter for Perl.

Some Perl advocacy:
Perl is the best programming language for text processing, system administration, rapid prototyping. The big advantage Perl has is, there are very few *.nix/BSD server you will find in this world, which do not have a Perl interpreter pre-installed. Even Damn Small Linux (DSL) has perl pre-installed within it’s tiny live CD of 50MB. These days Perl is widely used in windows too. So Perl is the most portable language you can think of. You have a shell, you can run Perl code right away.

People tends to compare Perl with PHP. When “Perl” is pronounced, a lot of people follow that with “CGI”. Well, Perl is a strong web programming language, like PHP. But more importantly it is a full featured programming language. I use Perl most of the time for non web programming works. In fact my current role do not involve web programming at all.

20 10 2007
nhm tanveer hossain khan (hasan)

i just came through WWR, you got a nice blogging here, i believe i should read them all.
anyway, i don’t know actually where u live.
if you come to visit dhaka, don’t forget to just drop by somewhere in… we would love to meet with rails developer. (http://www.somewherein.net)

best wishes,

20 10 2007
nhm tanveer hossain khan (hasan)

btw, i forgot to mention about our recently initiated rails group –

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