Zamzar: online file conversion service and some thoughts about future

31 05 2007

If anybody is interested in online file conversion, I suggest a great service/website It lets you convert files between most of the common text, document, image, audio and video formats. Just upload, select target format and give it your mail address, it will mail you the result instantly.

Let’s share a scenario with you. I didn’t install any office package in my new OS installation, partly out of laziness, partly out of scarcity of hard drive space.
Yesterday I had to edit and mail an important document file in a hurry. I thought that I can try google docs, instead of installing MS Office or Open Office, to eidt it. As I was ready to uploaded it to google docs, found out that it’s in docx format (introduced in office 11). Goggle docs doesn’t support docx. Then I found after googling. I thought it’s another freeware or shareware, that I have to download and install. But no, it’s an online utility. I converted docx to doc with zamza. And then edited the file in google docs. I saved hard drive space and installation time. And hey, I started thinking, what software I cannot replace with an online service within next two years? Hmm, operating system…… games (real ones)…. web browser…. hmm i keep thinking…\.

Why this is important? Have you recently heard the term SAAS (Software As A Service). That is the future of software solutions. Within 2 years more or less we will be able to do most of our daily tasks without ever installing a software other than a web browser. Day by day web services like these will become powerful. And web browsers will become center of all tasks. Flock showed some creativity, opera pioneered some ideas. And as much as I know FireFox 3 will kill all other browsers. DOM will become even more powerful. Flex, Silverlight, JavaFX (hmm i am doubtful) and Apollo will create new standards. And most of them will be free. We will use on line file storage instead of “My Documents” or “home/”, just like we shifted towards web mail services over desktop clients. It’s true that there is probably a bubble forming somewhere in the Web 2.0 world, but at the same time Web 2.0 is changing our life forever. So lets get ready to embrace the change. And I will write about Web 3.0 some other day.

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