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27 05 2007

I just woke up and had to read something to have my brain going and feel that the world haven’t gone past me by the time I slept. Joel Spolsky wrote a great article back in September on sorting resumes. Joel stresses on programming ability, passion for programming, likeliness of being able to pick up new technology/tools, good English (not necessarily as a medium of communication, but as a sign of care for correctness) etc. He also doesn’t believe in looking for list of alphabet based technologies in a resume which a lot of companies in my vicinity do.

There was another great article in the same domain which I read last week. Adrian Howard wrote in use perl about how not to advertise for a job (he actually recalled an original article he wrote long ago in perlmonks).

And lastly, I read Joel’s The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing. It’s about , well, interviewing to find the right candidates. It’s pretty much worth reading too. Has an interesting categorization of candidates:

In principle, it’s simple. You’re looking for people who are

  1. Smart, and
  2. Get things done

His elaborations on “People who are Smart but don’t Get Things Done“, “People who Get Things Done but are not Smart” are so true. IMO everyone looks for the “right kind of brain” for a programmer position (here programmer loosely stands for brain workers, who solves problems in any position of a team), above anything else. Joel points out the stellar techniques of managing that.

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2 responses

25 06 2007

I think the correct name is JOEL Spolsky, not “Jowel”.

25 06 2007

Thanks man, corrected.

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