Softwares I cannot leave without: Episode 1

26 05 2007

I am someone who appreciates great softwares. Let it be a windows or Linux software, an web app or a tool for mobile, I try, judge them all and use the softwares I find best. I am a download junkie too. I download, in my honest opinion, more than anybody else in Bangladesh. I download via my download managers, bittorrent clients, Linux tools and finally my custom web crawlers written in Perl (that’s another story, which I will write in some other series of posts) 24/7. I find it my duty to remain cutting edge. If I do not use the best softwares, how can I create best ones, right? Enough prologue, here is the part of the post that may come of use to you. And I will keep the series going:

Wordweb (free edition): It’s a tiny dictionary that remains in your system tray. Select any text in any window/editor/software and hit ctrl+alt+w. The dictionary pops out with the definitions/synonyms. If find yourself caring for your English, don’t live without it. Cons: Does not find rare words, in free edition. But serves well for me ( I got 7.5 in IELTS 😉 ).

DUMeter: Bandwidth monitor software for windows. It shows exactly what is happening with my Internet connection. If you have an Internet connection faster that you will ever need, you don’t need it. But I am someone who will, in my humble opinion, prove even few MBps connection slow. But anyway, in Bangladesh we don’t get fast enough Internet connections. And I feel blind if I do not get a measure of incoming and outgoing traffic of my PC.

That’s all for this episode. I would appreciate if anyone suggests any better alternatives or relevant info.

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2 responses

25 06 2007

Wow! Did you take that DU meter sceencap in Chittagong???
Hard to believe you can get that kinda speed in Bangladesh, unless you work for an ISP or have a dedicated line.

25 06 2007

No way, I get max 20KBps with my Grameen Phone EDGE connection. That image comes from their (DU Meter) site.

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